Friday, May 23, 2014

Picnic at Home

Cookies and Cream Crodo with pretzels $4.90 
Salted Caramel Crodo $4.90 
Mushroom Pizza Slice $7.30 

Lunch takeaway a few days ago at Gastronomia at Cluny Court. Initially planned to try out some of their brunch dishes as I heard that they are approximately ten dollars, which sounds like a great deal. However disappointedly, the place was too crowded on a weekday afternoon so I decided to buy home some of their yummy food instead. 

It was late afternoon around 4pm and with an empty stomach, I was mesmerized by the sight of these pretty-looking pastries and savories. Took a long time deciding and finally got the pizza and the crodos (which are actually cronuts: meaning donuts that have croissant outer layers).  

They were too pretty that I couldn't resist styling a little impromptu picnic at home. Call me crazy but I really love food photography and food styling. 

The crodos lived up to their looks and were extremely tasty, especially the salted caramel one. The pizza was not too bad after all, considering that it doesn't look as good as the crodos. The only complain I have is that the crust was too soft and flimsy that everything fell off when I picked it up. 

Da Paolo Gastronomia 
501 Bukit Timah Road, Cluny Court #01-01, Singapore (259760)
Mon-Sun: 8am-10pm 

Love, Quans

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