Thursday, May 01, 2014

Saturday afternoon at National Museum of Singapore

Spent a beautiful saturday afternoon at the National Museum of Singapore with Yan Ling, as we browse through exhibitions and the public garden art market. There's always something fascinating and interesting to discover and learn at the museum, which makes musuem-visiting extremely therapeutic for me. More Singaporeans should embrace and support the arts scene in Singapore. It's about learning cultures, history and that shapes you for who you are. Every visit to the museum shapes my perspective about things and that blows my mind. 

The People's Collection 

This vintage 80's car, placed right in the centre of museum atrium, robbed the goers' attention. It looks so sleek and classy, like those you find in Hollywood movies. 

The Public Garden

Public Garden is a Bras Basah/Bugis Arts Market, which moves around Singapore on a frequent basis, visiting places like National Museum of Singapore, Asian Civilisation Museum and National Library during weekends. It is always my go-to weekend place to have some arty-shopping therapy. Support the local artists! These are some of the stalls which I find interesting.

Ssek Jewelry

Ozzy and Lulu

Mini Fan Fan

 The Redwood Shop

Flipping Notes 

When I was Four

Vintage booth
selling polaroid cameras, sunglasses, luggages and a (functional) record player


Talented portrait artist

Till then, Quans

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