Sunday, June 01, 2014

Behind the scenes: Summerlicious Photoshoot

After quite a long hiatus on Sketch-a-Tote collection launches, we're back with the third official collection of the year (super little I know) and I'm determined to make launches even more frequent from now on! Headed down to church for the photoshoot as I was looking for a happy and colourful venue, and nothing beats having a playground as the background! We felt so comfortable and at home having the photoshoot in our second-home :) 

Half of the barang we had for the shoot, which includes all our bags, pouches, props and many more props!

It was around 11am when we were shooting and the sun was scorchingly hot and eye-blinding but professional models are professional. I usually have a vision of how I want the photos to turn out so when I command things like "Okay, pretend you are riding on the frog and having lots of fun and laugh without your teeth touching", this is what you get.

Another professional model who climbed onto the top of the slide voluntarily (this happened at about noon when the slides are burning hot). The things we do to get a good shot :)

Another behind-the-scenes photo of my dear model freelancing as my assistant. What will I do without them!

Really glad that the photos turned out to be bright and colourful (although skills are a little rusty but still acceptable). Here are a few of my favourite designs and shots:

For the rest of the sketchbook preview, hop over to our Facebook! Oh, and do take part in the giveaway if you haven't. All you need to do is to like and comment, and you might stand a chance to win your favourite pouch, tote, zipper clutch.

Planning and executing photoshoots are fun but mentally and physically draining as you have to constantly look out for inspirations, sourcing for props and the right attire, venue to suit the theme. I had a tough time looking for attires as my wardrobe is mainly filled with monochrome colours (Yes, time to shop?) Anyone wants to sponsor us clothes for photoshoots? Teehee, jokes aside, I enjoy doing what I do very much and I know that both my lovely models enjoy the photoshoots too! Saturday is officially our SAT photoshoot day (pun intended).

Hop on to Sketch-a-Tote for the wacky summer essentials!

To happier days ahead!

Love, Quans

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