Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Rocking Black

Quilted Loafers Design & Comfort
Quilted Bunny bag Carousell
Canvas Zipper clutch Sketch-a-Tote
Rope necklace Lovisa
Wallet F21
Watch Bangkok

Every girl's wardrobe should have an extensive collection of black accessories. I know you must be wondering why, since everyone goes for colours nowadays. At least not for me. Black is the most simple and classic color that you can never get bored of. They are everything that you need on a lazy and laid-back day, when you just want to go monochrome. 

Black on black can get too safe and boring, so play with some textures to spice up the black. Textures like quilt or rope or even patent, are definitely in trend now. 

My favourite look is always the classic black and white look. I always like to play around with black and white, so that it won't be a full-black or white outfit. Though monochrome, I try to add in a tinge of gold and silver. 

Perfect to rock a classy work outfit; formal and professional yet classy and elegant. What's your favourite style?  

Love, Quans

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