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Travelogue: Taipei, Taiwan (Day 3)

Day 3

Karaoke at Party World @ Xi Men Ding

When in Taiwan, sing Karaoke. We were so excited about spamming mando-pop songs at the biggest Party World Karaoke in Taipei. The thing about singing Karaoke is that the earlier the timing, the cheaper (unless you are talking about those unearthly midnight timings). Since most of the shops/malls in Taipei opens around late morning, we decided to head for the 7am-12pm Karaoke package to fully utilize our time. 

We paid $16 SGD, which was considered extremely reasonable, considering that it was for 5 hours with a free lunch, in a relatively huge and luxurious room that has a personal toilet in it. Another thing that I have to brag is that their service (or rather the service in Taiwan in general), is top-notch. Upon stepping out of the lift, we saw a line of neatly-dressed staff, who greeted and ushered us to our room (like a VIP). 

Say hello to us (with our sleepy and tired face) after 5 hours of karaoke singing. 

Cashbox Party World @ Xi Men Ding
(中華路衡陽路口; 捷運西門站4號出口)
Exit 4 from Xi Men MRT station, or cross the pedestrian roads pop Xi Men Exit 6

Shopping at Wu Fen Pu

We then headed to Wu Fen Pu (Garment Wholesale District) for some shopping. I would only advise you to head to Wu Fen Pu only if you really like shopping and wouldn't mind spending a little more to get good quality clothes (mostly from Korea or Japan). 

Initially, we were expecting the prices to be much cheaper since it was recommended by many other online websites. However, the prices are a little steep for our expectations, estimating around $17-$40 SGD. Despite the high prices, the clothes are of really high quality and there is a large variety of clothes (male and female), and all of the shops have "Sale racks" placed outside their shop, around the prices of $100-$250 TWD ($4-$10 SGD). 

It would help too, if you are buying more than 2-3 pieces from the same store. So preferably go with a group of friends if you want to bargain. 

At the crossroads of the district, you will find quite a number of food stalls selling some famous street snacks, so it's fine to keep your lunch light. 

七里香 (Chicken Backside)

 Sweet Potato (My favourite!)

Spicy fried squid

Wu Fen Pu Garment Wholesale District
Nearest MRT Station: Houshanpi station
Leave via Exit 1 (Wufenpu Commercial Zone)
Walk north along Jhongpo N. Rd to the intersection of Jhongpo N. Rd and Yonji Rd. 
Wufenpu is on the left and front. 

Rainbow Bridge

Having overestimated the amount of time needed at Wufenpu, we ended up at Raohe night market pretty early in the afternoon, around 4pm. Most of the stalls start setting up their stalls around 5pm so don't head there too early. However, I would say that it was a blessing in disguise, as we chanced upon this beautiful rainbow bridge just behind Raohe night market. Apparently, it isn't just any normal bridge, but a bridge for couples and tourists like us. Perfect place for some photo-takings or a peaceful walk along the river. 

"I Love You" scribblings in many different languages can be found on the pavement. Something really cliche but cute. The L-O-V-E sculpture is quite interesting too, so if you happen to head there with your other half, you can try to "lock" your love there for the fun of it. 

Raohe Street Night Market

Pepper bun (A must try!) 
It's filled with dumplings' fillings but with lots of soup and crispy outer skin

Sweet Potato (yet again)

Tofu Pudding

Wheel Pie 
My favourite fillings are chocolate banana and custard 

Fried Chicken Cutlet 

5-Star Maggi Cup-Noodles that you must get from any 7-11/Family Mart 
Around $2 SGD (Saw it in Singapore 7-11 for $4 SGD) 
It comes with real beef in it, super legit. 

Look out for the last part of my Taipei trip, featuring Day 4 and 5!

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