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28 reasons why I love Singapore

9 August 2014. Happy 49th Birthday, Singapore!

As much as many Singaporeans (me including) complain about things in Singapore, I still love Singapore. Simply because, I was born and bred here and I'm grateful for everything that Singapore has provided me with, as well as the things that were not. I'm forcing myself to come up with this list so that I can learn how to appreciate more and to simply be contented and grateful, not taking things for granted.

This list might turn out to be a collation of my personal thoughts based on my personal experiences.

1. I love Singapore for the marvelous food of all sorts 
Food from all over the world, and of different cuisine. You name it, we might possibly have it. 

2. I love how we eat food differently, creating our own unique style of eating. 
Some examples would be how our Bak Kut Teh is slightly more pepper-y whereas the authentic one has a clearer soup base, and how we mix chili padis with light soya sauce instead of dark soya sauce. 

3. I love the way we decide on what to eat based on the queue length
In a way, it does help us make our decisions faster, no? The longer means the better. 

4. I love how Singaporeans speak Singlish just like drinking water
I don't remember actually "learning" Singlish but somehow, all Singaporeans know it and use them in the same way. It's like a secret code/language that only true-blue Singaporeans can understand fully. 

5. I love Singapore's weather
Although we don't get four seasons a year and often complain about it being too hot, I'd rather have a relatively hot and humid weather than a freezing cold weather that could potentially turn into a hailstorm. 

6. I love how Singaporeans love Singapore still, though we complain, a lot. 
According to my observations and experiences, I've come to see that Singaporeans like to complain. It's a fact that has been in us ever since we are young. However, at the end of the day, we are still grateful for being a Singaporean, due to many other reasons that you can find in this list. 

7. I love how Singaporeans can complain about things in Singapore but when non-Singaporeans complain, we become so united as one. 

8. I love the patriotic atmosphere at every national day parade. 
It's like part of a gigantic family. 

9. I love the concept of HDB. 
It brings people together and even though we might not have the chance to know all our neighbors, the fact that we see, greet and smile to each other once in a while, makes you feel more like a community.

10. I love how Singapore is so small but yet so successful.
Only 49 years of independence but look how much and how fast we've grown. Even I myself am surprised. 

11. I love how Singapore is so multi-racial
Besides from the different cultures/traditions that we get in touch with, I love how we are able to come together to live in a nation. 

12. I love how we can roam around in Singapore till past midnight and yet feel safe. 

13. I love how we can hop onto any taxis late at night yet don't have to worry about being scammed or robbed. 

14. I love how there is freedom of religion in Singapore. 
I can't imagine having to sneakily go to church every week, threatened to be killed just because I go to church. Or worse, being forced to choose between death or denying Christ.

15. I love how developed Singapore has become. 
Look at all the beautiful high-rise buildings and majestic infrastructures that we have. 

16. I love how Singapore's children could have a safe and protected childhood. 
By that, I mean that the average Singaporean child would not need to forgo education or having to work so as to support the family (at least for primary school children). 

17. I love how Singaporeans are all starting to wear red and white on National Day to celebrate. 
Just today, I saw many Singaporeans wearing red and white outfits. In 10, almost 8 of them did follow the red-white #ootd. 

18. I love how Singapore is increasingly embracing and promoting the arts scene. 
For instance, you see more overseas musicals coming to Singapore, more music initiatives at the Esplanade, film and literature events such as Shakespeare in the Park and Films at the Fort, arts events such as Singapore Night Festival, and definitely many more. 

19. I love National Day songs.
Especially the older ones, like "Where I Belong" and "Home". 

20. I love singing along to National Day songs. 
Whenever I hear a national day song, I can't help it but to sing along. National day songs bring Singaporeans together and we all love to sing the national day songs that we like.

21. I love how the transport system in Singapore is so developed. 
Almost the whole of Singapore is connected via either the bus or MRT. You will never get lost in Singapore. Just find a MRT station and you are safe.

22. I love watching fireworks at the Singapore River. 
During special festivals like Chinese New Year, New Year and National Day.

23. I love working at the CBD area in Singapore. 
I have started working for a month now, and every morning, I head to work with a hopeful and joyful heart. Whenever I step out of the Raffles Place MRT exit, I feel a sense of Singapore pride. Looking up at the tall office buildings, I feel proud of Singapore for coming this far.

24. I love how green and clean Singapore is. 
Every corner of Singapore is filled with grass, trees and flowers and it makes us look so lively and hopeful. I also love how we are (relatively) clean as compared to some countries.

25. I love how we find joy in bumping into Singaporeans when overseas.
Or rather find joy in spotting a Singaporean overseas.

26. I love how we are effectively bilingual. 
I'm grateful for the education system which forced us as students to excel in both english and our mother tongue.

27. I love seeing Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew attending every year's National Day Parade. 

28. I love Singapore for it is my Home. 

There are more than just 28 reasons of why I love Singapore, but I shan't go on anymore as there's way to many things to give thanks for. Hopefully, we could all start to appreciate for the things we have in Singapore, be a little more contented, and we shall be a happier nation. You know that phrase that goes "You can't change the adversities that you face, but you can change your attitude towards it."? It's all in the mind and as long as you bear a positive attitude, you can be happy even in times of troubles.

So what's your reasons for loving Singapore? Try making your own list and if you do, do share it with me. I would love to read it!

Love, Quans

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