Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bio-Essence Aqua Droplet Sleeping Beauty Mask

Received a tub of Bio-essence Hydra Tri-Action Aqua Droplet Sleeping Beauty Mask from Sample Store recently, so here is the review of it. Sample Store is an online platform where you can get free samples of products to test them out before buying the actual product. 

Prior to receiving this new tub, I've actually already bought one a few months ago but have not finished using it, so cheers to having a new tub!

Basically, the sleeping beauty masks combats four common skin problems:
1. Brighten dull and tired skin
2. Refines enlarged pores
3. Moisturizes dry and rough skin
4. Regulates oil and moisture level


It hydrates, nourishes and protects your skin . 

Hydrates: Works as a great moisturizer and aids in moisture retention, leaving me skin to feel fresh and light all the time. 

Nourish: The cranberry extract provides perfect conditioning of the skin for a healthy glow, which further nourishes and refines the skin texture. 

Protect: The cranberry extract is rich in anti-oxidants, which protects the skin against harmful environmental and UV damage. 

How to use: 

Step 1: Massage gently till aqua droplets form.

Step 2: Gently pat till fully absorbed into skin.
Step 3: Apply a thin layer over skin as a daily moisturizer. For more intensive treatment, apply a thicker layer to replenish skin’s moisture throughout the night as a sleeping mask 

I personally prefer using it as a sleeping mask. After using it for a few months, I really like the fact that it is very hydrating for my skin. As I sleep in an air-con room every night, my skin tends to feel very dry and rough every morning due to the constant cold atmosphere. Now, my skin feels more smooth and moisturizing, and looks more radiant in the morning.

You can redeem free samples too! Simply 'LIKE' Bio-Essence Singapore Facebook Page to redeem the samples.

Bio Essence Hydra Tri-Action Aqua Droplet Sleeping Beauty Mask 

Available at: All personal beauty stores and supermarkets
Retail price: $33.90
Size: 80g

Written in partnership with Sample Store and Bio-Essence Singapore.

Love, Quans

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