Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sketch-a-Tote goes to Public Garden

A little throwback post featuring some photos from Sketch-a-Tote's flea from 30-31 August. 

It was a beautiful and yet tiring process. Sometimes, doing what you love is bliss, yet most of the time, because it means so much that it often tires you the most. 

Nevertheless, it was a great time spent at Public Garden, meeting old and new customers, making friends with like-minded vendors, and of course the joy of showcasing Sketch-a-Tote to the local arts scene. Despite my eagerness to attend more of such arts market, my schedule doesn't allow me to do so. Hoping to attend another public garden in end November (to catch the Christmas crowd) so do stay tuned for more details coming your way. 

I know that Sketch-a-Tote has not been updating too frequently recently, but I really hope to come back to Sketch-a-Tote full-swing, with new collections! Meanwhile, Sketch-a-Tote is taking a break from customizations (I really need some rest to travel further in future) and will be back optimistically in October! 

Am extremely grateful for the endless support and love and encouragement given to me and Sketch-a-Tote. 

P.s If you are wondering why these few months have been so "mia" for Sketch-a-Tote, it's mainly due to a change of focus in life for me. And for that, I'm still in the midst of adapting to a work-life-Sketchatote balance ever since work started for me in late July. Will update this space about my graduation and thoughts soon so look out for it. 

If you wish to catch up with my life, I am still rather active on instagram (@quanss) so see you there. 

Love, Quans 

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