Monday, November 10, 2014

Shoebox Canteen

Headed to Shoebox Canteen a few weeks ago with my lovely work buddy for our cafe-hopping adventure and to celebrate her birthday too. Always loved cafe-hopping in CBD area during lunch time, as it gives me ample time to unwind a little, slow down the pace of the working routine, for that one hour. 

When we reached the cafe, it was so dark and dubious that we thought it was closed, not to mention the very heavy metal door which was so hard to open as it is not the usual swing-open door. 

They only serve a 3-course Set Lunch ($19) and a 4-course Set Lunch ($25), and even so, the menu isn't extensive so don't head down expecting to get a lot of choices. We chose the 3-course set lunch as we were rushing for time, so we each get to choose a starter (soup or salad), main (burger, , and dessert (creme brûlée). 

That having said, they change their menu every four weeks so no guarantee that the next time you head, you get what you see here. 

Ranch Beef Burger with Charcoal Buns
Homemade Beef-patty, Caramelised onions, Streaky bacon, Hand-cut chips

Not too sure about the charcoal buns as they are rather hard and not the usual fluffy burger buns you expect. The beef patty however, was good. Juicy, meaty and not too salty. My favourite has got to be the roasted and seasoned potato cubes. 

Minestrone soup | Garden Salad

We were rather disappointed by its size and I think they've just won the award for the smallest portion of starter ever. 

Spaghettini Prawns
Tiger prawns, Chili, Garlic, Olive Oil, Prawn stock base

This plate is pretty decent. The spaghetti tastes pretty much like aglio olio, has generous portion of prawns and most importantly, very big and juicy prawns. 

Sadly, there's no photos of our desserts simply because we FORGOT that we still had a dessert that is not served yet. Right after our mains, a few rounds of ice water, and some chatting, we happily headed out of the cafe. Because payment is made right at the start after orders are taken. This must be the best joke ever. And the staff didn't even stop us or remind us that our desserts weren't served :( 

Shoebox Canteen
36 North Canal Road
Singapore (059292)
Mon-Fri: 11.45am-2.30pm, 6-9pm | Sat: 6-9Pm
Nearest MRT Station: Clarke Quay 

Love, Quans 

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