Monday, November 24, 2014

The Missing Pan

Another cafe adventure from a few weeks ago with Adeline. This time to somewhere along Bukit Timah road. Frankly speaking, there's quite a number of cafes along Bukit Timah road but always didn't have the time to visit them (ironic much) simply because they are too near. 

Visited The Missing Pan, which is just a few shops away from Coronation plaza, Sogurt and Choupinette. You would definitely not miss the black two-story shop-house unit with white cursive words "The Missing Pan". The ground floor comprises of a  little bakery and when you take the lift to the second floor, you find a small cosy area for cafe food. 

62 Degree Eggs Benedict with baked ham $19
Sauteed baby spinach and mushroom with in-house hollandaise

Anything with eggs is good enough for me. Love the ham and mushroom. The toast was a little too hard however and would have been a better combination if it was warmer and softer. 

French Toast Salpicon $19
Chicken, spinach and mushroom stuffed in French toast, banana nuggets, mixed berries, strawberry-smoked maple syrup

Having seen this on many instagram account, I thought it would be a good idea to order it. The great expectations for it fell deeply as it wasn't really my kind of ideal french toast. The french toast was a little too dry and the mixture of savory and sweet (fruits) was a little awkward for me. But having said so, I really like the surprise that came from within: Chicken, spinach and mushroom inside the french toast, as well as the fried banana nuggets (these save the dish in general). 

What I love about The Missing Pan is the atmosphere. During on visit, it was coincidentally on a rainy day. The relatively empty cafe was filled with acoustic r&b songs as the rain fall gently against the window pane. Don't you just love moments like this, hoping that time will just stop or go slower.

The Missing Pan 
619D Bukit Timah Road #01/02-01
Singapore (269724)
Tue-Sat: 9am-5pm, 6-9pm | Sun: 9am-5.45pm
Nearest MRT Station: Botanic Gardens

Love, Quans 

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