Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Jolly Joyful Box

Just a few weeks ago, I was holding a special giveaway on Sketch-a-Tote's Instagram called the #joyfulbox. The purpose of the giveaway was really to bring smiles and joy to people, especially the lovely customers who have been sticking by our side all these while. 

Prior to the launch of this giveaway, I contacted a few remarkable local brands, some of which I've known previously from Public Garden and from previous collaborations. From the bottom of my heart, I give thanks for every single one of them, who willingly agreed to take part in this meaningful giveaway. 

Here are the local brands, check them out and support local artisans! :)

1. Balm Kitchen

Product: Natural, plant based vegan Lip and Body Balms

Instagram: @balmkitchen
Website: http://balmkitchen.com

2. Foundry and Co

Product: Chic and unique woman's wear and accessory pieces

Instagram: @foundryandco
Website: Http://foundryandco.sg

3. Gracesmiths

Product: Stylish, beautifully crafted gifts that are inspired by God's grace. Ranges from accessories, to stationery, to home and living products.
Instagram: @gracesmiths
Website: http://www.gracesmiths.com

4. Itshatched

Product: Zakka products including hand-sewn pouches and bags
Instagram: @itshatched
Website: http://itshatched.net

5. Mynt Shop

Product: Handmade jewelry including charmed and beaded bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces
Instagram: @myntshop
Website: http://www.myntshop.sg

6. Ozzy and Lulu

Product: Stationery and Lifestyle Products
Instagram: @ozzyandlulu

7. Rough Beauty

Product: Vegan handcrafted soaps
Instagram: @roughbeautys
Website: http://www.etsy.com/shop/roughbeautys

8. Second Helpings

Product: Handcrafted Beenut Butter
Instagram: @_secondhelpings
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/secondhelpings.sg

Last but not the least, 

9. Sketch-a-Tote

Product: Hand-sketched Canvas Totes, Pouches and Calligraphy Cards
Instagram: @sketchatote

As the year end draws closer, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all your supporters of Sketch-a-Tote. Though sometimes towards the end of the year, we were a little inconsistent with the launches and customization schedules, many of you showed us care and understanding. Whenever I think of that, I truly give thanks for everyone of you. Thank you God for another year of awesomeness. Hopefully with a new 2015, Sketch-a-Tote will be able to grow as much as I plan for it to. Slightly excited for the upcoming plans in the new year, but as of now, I shall not reveal too much till it is ready to be released.

The last thing I would like to give thanks for, is the opportunity to be interviewed by Shiok.sg for an article, 10 Bespoke Artisans (Part II). Go have a good read and support local artisans! :)

It has been quite an eventful 2014, and I am truly blessed. Will elaborate more about it in my next post!

Love, Quans

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