Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Brunch at the Fire Station (Spruce)

Spruce has always been one of my favourite cafe and brunch spots in Singapore. Housed in the iconic red building at the old Bukit Timah Fire Station, brunching at Spruce felt almost like overseas (like UK actually). There's nothing not to love about their eggsome dishes, which looks so good under the natural sunlight that streams in from their full-length glass windows. 

This is usually on my to-order list; Spruce Big Brekkie ($19) which consists of a choice of either scrambled, poached or sunny side up egg, bacon, german sausage, roasted tomato, roasted potato, mushrooms and toast. I secretly thinks that most of the time when ordering this, I'm thinking of the potatoes and the mushrooms. The toasts tend to be a little hard though, so try breaking the egg on top of the toasts instead.

The most photogenic dish has to be the Spruce Eggs Benny ($15) which consists of corn waffle, poached egg, bacon and hollandaise sauce. Honestly, just look at it, no further elaborations needed (okay just joking). I like the combination of sweet (waffle) and savory (bacon and egg). Forget about having maple syrup on your waffle when you have the flowy egg. 

The Spruce British Brekkie ($19) is quite similar to the Big Brekkie, just that instead of getting potatoes, you get baked beans, and of course with the usual sides and a choice of scrambled, poached or sunny side up egg.

A plate of Smoked Norwegian Salmon ($6) is usually our favourite side dish for sharing. The salmon is light and fresh with a very tasty seasoning on top.

Do note that they brunch menu is only available on weekends and public holidays from 9am-3.45pm.

Hoping to try their dining menu on a weekday night to chill out with friends. It will definitely be a whole new kind of ambience and experience I can imagine!

260 Upper Bukit Timah Road #01-01, Singapore (588213)
Mon-Thurs: 11.30-12.30am | Fri: 11.30-1.30am | Sat: 9-1.30am | Sun: 9am-12.30am
Nearest MRT Station: Bukit Batok / Clementi

Love, Quans

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