Monday, January 26, 2015

Virgin trip to Johor Bahru

Believe it or not, this is my first trip to Johor Bahru after living for 22 years. Despite it being just a bridge away from Singapore, it still felt rather special to me as we were crossing over the waters. The agenda for the trip was mainly to visit the 100 Doreamon Secret Gadgets Expo at City Square Mall, Johor Bahru, and some shopping.

A sister-selfie on bus 170 while the jam is heavy on the outside. We were considered really lucky to have found a seat on the really-crowded bus. 

Settled lunch at Sushi King and grabbed a few crepes (super heavenly) before watching Night at the Museum. Do you know that tickets sell out really fast in Johor Bahru? We actually went up to the cinema to check out the move timings around 10.30am but since it was too early, we walked around a little to grab some bites. When we headed back to the cinema at 11am, the queues were so long. Nevertheless, we got the tickets! 

I think my expectations for the exhibition was way too high initially, so when I saw that the exhibition was right in the middle of the mall, I was slightly disappointed. 

Doreamon and his friends' meet-and-greet session. I was surprised that so many people are queueing up just to take photos with them. What really amused me was hearing the emcee "con" little children by saying "Come on, when I shout 123, shout 'We love you Doraemon'. Shout louder, doraemon came all the way from Japan okay?". 

Besides the 100 Doraemon life-sized figurines, each holding a secret gadget (featured in the comic books and TV shows), there's interactive exhibitions which allowed us to take photos with them by posing or being in the scenario from the Doreamon story. 

And this is my attempt at directing and photographing my brother, looking like a parkour-professional, with hundreds of Doraemons in the background.

We spent the rest of the hours shopping (crazily) around the huge mall which as awesome finds, only to realize that the mall just beside City Square has many outlet stores selling trendy and cheap clothing. Next time, remember to head there first! 

Dinner was at Kim Gary restaurant before taking the bus back to Singapore. Thankfully, the roads were so cleared that we reached Kranji MRT station at 9pm when we left the Malaysia custom at 8.30pm.

It was a lovely and relaxing day at Johor Bahru, reminiscing the childhood days when my siblings and I saved our pocket money to buy Doraemon comic books weekly, and watching it on the TV every sunday at 9.30am. A little rest sometimes is needed to travel further, and I give thanks for opportunities like these.

Love, Quans

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