Monday, February 16, 2015

[ADV] NIVEA Extra White and Firm Q10 Deodorant

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It is my honour to be one of the lucky girls who get to attend the intimate cosy session with NIVEA Singapore a few weeks ago, together with a few other female bloggers at Food For Thought, National Museum of Singapore, all thanks to Nuffnang Singapore and NIVEA Singapore

Having known and used NIVEA's line of deodorant products before, this wasn't a new thing to me at all. The German brand has more than a 100 years of history and believes in caring for skin as healthy skin is the most beautiful. 

For the past 4 years, they have been the no. 1 deodorant in Singapore and is also the first to launch the invisible range that leaves zero stains on your clothes. That is totally a plus point for me, as I'm sure many of you have experienced having white shirt stained with yellowish stains on the under-sleeve due to deodorant and sweat, and it is exceptionally frustrating. 

After using the NIVEA Extra White and Firm Q10 Deodorant for about a week, I find the results really exceptional. This is what the product can do for you: 
  • Gives you fairer and 5 times firmer, smoother skin 
  • Protection against darkening (due to long-term plucking, shaving or waxing)
  • Prevents sagginess or uneven bumps on the underarm 
  • Controls sweat and overcomes odour

Here's to summarise 3 main benefits of NIVEA Extra White and Firm Q10 Deodorant

Up to 5 times Firmer, Smoother underarms
The ingredient, Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) used in the deodorant, energizes your skin, protecting it against aging, boosts collagen production, creating smoother and firmer skin on your underarm. 

Fairer Skin with Regular Use
Licorice extract is also used to suppress redness, rashes, itching and swelling (especially if you shave everyday). Use it often and it can lighten the dark spots and your skin tone. 

48-Hours Anti-Prespiration
Don't worry if you are someone who sweats a lot, as the deodorant is stain-free and prevents odors, bacteria and sweat. 

Look at how clear the substance is! The best thing of all is that it is not sticky and dries really fast! When I was in my Secondary School days, I've tried many different kind of deodorants (the canister and the roll-on kind), and I've not managed to find one that smells as good as this, and yet effective. 

I don't usually like strong scent on my body, so this scent works perfectly for me as it can last me for the entire day, keeping me very refreshed at work or outdoors running errands. 

NIVEA Product Launch Event

While waiting for the girls to arrive at Food For Thought, National Museum of Singapore. 

Showcasing the entire line of whitening deodorant products from NIVEA.

Treated to a lovely lunch by Food For Thought.

So, which level are you at? I would say that I'm "Pretty Shy" since showing off your underarms is not exactly the most glamorous and comfortable thing to do. However, I'm quite hopeful that after using the NIVEA Extra White and Firm Q10 Deodorant, I would see even tremendous results. No longer shall I be shy about my underarms! 

Snapping a quick photo with the life-size deodorant standee. 

I'm pretty excited to see the end results! You should give yourself a chance too, to achieve fairer and firmer underarms! NIVEA Extra White and Firm Q10 Deodorant is available at all retail stores and supermarkets at only $4.90 (so affordable right).

Love, Quans

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