Monday, March 23, 2015

My Virgin Massage Experience at Le Spa

For the first time in my life, I went for a massage session, all thanks to the invitation from The Influencer Network and Le Spa. All along, my impressions about massages were quite negative as I've always thought of them as very painful and torturing. However, one of their outlets (Chun Tin Road - Jurong Kechil) is just 5 minutes walk from my house, thus I decided to give it a try in the end. 

I had a 1.5 Hours of Le Urban Fusion Body Massage (Worth $90) that day. Initially, when the masseuse began the massage, my body was aching, so I asked her "Is it normal to feel pain?". She then laughed and said that any pain is not normal. She went on to explain that my back and especially the neck is very stiff, due to long hours of bending forward (when working during office etc). It was nice of her to soften her massage a little as she started off a little too hard. I appreciate her explaining and assuring me of the pains that I was experiencing. 

After some while, the pain wasn't prominent anymore. It started to become rather relaxing. I could feel all my tired muscles being rubbed away. 

Following from the very thorough massage starting from the neck to the back to the legs, body oil was used too as a lubricant so that the massage was more smooth and comfortable. Lastly, the massage ended with a head massage.

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Overall, I was really satisfied with my first massage as the masseuse was really skillful and the amount of effort and energy she has used for that 1.5 hours, I could not imagine.

The ambience of the outlet made me really relaxed and comfortable. I remembered stepping out of Le Spa with a very happy heart, feeling very refreshed and relaxed. It was a massage that came just in time for my busy and tired body, which has been overworked due to staying up late at night to rush customized orders on weekdays after work.

I went to the outlet at Chun Tin Road, which is along the same stretch of road as the famous Al-ameen, and opposite Beauty World Centre. For those who are interested, good news, they are having an opening promotion which costs $38 for a 45 minutes sessions. Did I also mention that Le Spa is operating 24 Hours, everyday?

Thank you Le Spa and The Influencer Network once again for inviting me! I enjoyed the massage a lot!

16A Chun Tin Road (Upper Bukit Timah Road)
Singapore (599603)

14 Gemill Lane (Club Street)
Singapore (069253)

Le Spa 

Written in partnership with The Influencer Network and Le Spa. 

With Love, Quans

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William Connors said...

I can see why it may hurt to get a massage at first if your muscles are stiff, but I am glad she softened her massage a little so you could enjoy it. The interior looks so beautiful with the candles and trail of stones along the wall. It sounds like you had a very relaxing experience at this spa.