Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sketch-a-Tote Recent Bazaars

After disappearing from this space for almost a month, I am officially back. Those of you who are on my instagram would have realized me spamming posting Sketch-a-Tote bazaar photos one after the other. 

Two bazaars checked over the past two weeks or so! Running bazaars and preparing for stock-ins are not easy but I am actually quite glad that I am once again busy with Sketch-a-Tote. Some of you might have realized that Sketch-a-Tote has not been at its usual active-mode since the second half of last year. The truth is, most of the days when I reach home after work, I just want to crash onto the sofa not doing anything but just zone out and perhaps watch some TV. 

This year, I told myself that this has to change. I have to get Sketch-a-Tote back on track. Thankfully, I think I might have retrieved back the momentum and drive that I used to have when I first started Sketch-a-Tote. 

One thing I enjoy about bazaars is that I get to meet like-minded local business owners who are also passionate with their crafts and talents. The next thing has got to be meeting the customers, some of whom came specially done to the booths to take a look (thank you for that!). I truly appreciate all the affirmation, feedbacks and small conversations and Sketch-a-Tote wouldn't have come so far without the constant support of the Sketch-a-Tote lovers.

Here's some visuals to the past two bazaars: 

NIE Bazaar (25-26 February)

The Entrepreneur Market by The Local People SG and M2 Academy (7 March) 


I have been receiving quite a couple of emails about customizations, so I thought I would announce here that customizations are still available, so if you would like to customize your own Sketch-a-Tote or Sketch-a-Card products, feel free to email me at sketchatote@gmail.com.

Love, Quans

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