Friday, April 17, 2015

[ADV] Keeping your skin hydrated with My Beauty Diary Black Obsidian Moisturizing Black Mask

Weekends are here and my skin terrible needs a break from weekdays work make-up. I have always had the condition of dry skin, especially on my legs and face. And so, recently, I have been attempting to stock up on hydrating and moisturizing, aqua-based skin products and even make-up (My newest buy is this aqua-based concealer from silky girl, how awesome). 

One of the hydrating and moisturizing products I have tried recently is My Beauty Diary's Black Obsidian Moisturizing Black Mask all thanks to Sample Store for sending them over. I'm sure you would have heard of My Beauty Diary (You know, the masks which your friends bring back for you whenever they visit Taiwan?) by now. Well, they have just launched a new series of black masks with an improved formula, featuring the ingredient, CosphingoTM, which has a long-lasting moisturizing property to improve hydration. Some benefits of the series include restoring uneven skin tones, increasing skin elasticity and making your skin dewy and moisturized. The series include three different types of black masks: Black Obsidian Moisturizing, Black Rose Brightening and Black Pearl Total Effects, but I will be focusing on the first variant for today's review. 

Firstly, the mask consists of 3D Hyaluronic acid which form a protective layer over your skin to replenish and retain its moisture, keeping your skin deeply hydrated, and Yeast Compound which helps to tighten your skin, soothing fatigue skin.  The effect of this is a glowing and smooth complexion! 

Secondly, I like how the new mask material confirms to have a perfect fit to your face, and also your neck. The slightly stretchable mask allows for the flexibility to ensure that the ingredients and essences can be equally applied to my skin! 

Did I also mention that the mask smells really good! As for the texture of the mask, it feels soft and jelly-like, maybe due to the soothing ingredients like Calendula Officinalis, Licorice and Ruscus aculeatus extracts to relieve dry and rough skin, Bladder wrack seaweed, Aloe vera and hydrolyzed Jojoba for hydration and moisture. 

For someone who really love putting on masks (while watching TV or using the computer), three cheers to new goodies to use at night before I sleep! After the first use, my skin really does feel softer and more refreshed. You know, the hydrated feeling you get after every facial wash?

A box includes 5 masks and they come in pretty packaging of pastel blue #bimboalert. You can now get your beauty diary black mask series from Guardian, Sasa and Watsons at $16.90. It is also available on

Here's some perks for you if you would like to receive a sample mask. From 20 April to 5 May, submit your entry at and 2,000 lucky winners will win a single-piece of Black Obsidian Black Mask. This contest is limited to one entry per Singapore address and for fans who have not redeemed the mask in other deals or contests. 

Likewise, you can LIKE My Beauty Diary Singapore on Facebook to follow more of their updates. 

Written in partnership with Sample Store and My Beauty Diary Singapore. 

With Love, Quans 

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