Saturday, May 16, 2015

Travelogue: Kenting Beaches, Taiwan

If there is one thing to love about the beaches in Kenting, it has got to be its blue waters, foamy waves, soft golden brown sand and giant waves that slaps gently against the shore (oops, that was more than one thing). 

In the midst of sorting out photos and drafting blog posts for Kenting. Just by looking at these photos, made me miss kenting so much. If I were to choose my favourite part of Taiwan among Taipei, Kenting and Hualien, it has definitely got to be kenting. Sharing more visuals and details in the next post. 

This set of photos were taken on our second day of kenting, when we headed to the beach, just less than 5 minutes' walk from our accommodation right before our main activities for the day.

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With Love, Quans

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