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Travelogue: Kenting, Taiwan Part 2 | 9 Famous Sightseeing Attractions in Kenting

Following from Day 1's adventures in Kenting, we signed up for a tour package on the second day which brought us to a total of 9 beautiful and extremely scenic famous attractions in Kenting for sightseeing. Including transport, each of us only had to pay NTD800 ($35 SGD) for the whole tour. Started off our journey early in the morning at 9.30am and ended around 7pm in the evening. Best for travelers who are just staying in Kenting for a few nights, yet keen to sightsee before moving off. 

Here's a photo-journal of our journey. 

1st Stop: 船帆石 | Chuan Fan Shih 

Chuan Fan Shih is most famous for the magnificent piece of coral reef rock which stands solo in the midst of other coral reef rocks and ombre blue waters. What I absolutely love about this place is that the colours you see from my photos are exactly the colours your eyes see in real life. The colors of the ocean really consist of the different shades of blue. Extremely breathtaking and beautiful!

2nd Stop: 贝壳沙岛 | Sand Island

Looking similar to Chuan Fan Shi, Sand Island (Sha Dao) features very previous and seashell sand (seashell, coral and forams). It is also one of the Ecological Protection Areas in Kenting National Park. We wanted to cross over to the sandy area, but was told by our guide that they have built a fence to forbid travelers and locals to invade the area as the tiniest and most precious seashells and corals can be found there. 

3rd Stop: 鵝鑾鼻燈塔 | E Luan Bi Lighthouse 

Located in Kenting National Park, Eluanbi Lighthouse, the cylindrical shaped white tower, is 18 meters high and is named as "The Light of East Asia" as it overlooks the southernmost point of Taiwan. Of course we couldn't enter the Lighthouse, but just viewing it from the outside is already a memory to remember. Remember not to just stop at the Lighthouse. Walk further down and explore the park a little via a nature trail, and finally up to the balcony view. An entrance fee of NTD40 ($3.50 SGD) is needed for this attraction.

4th Stop: 龍磐草原 | Longpan Park

Longpan is known for its wide range of grassland amidst steep sloping cliffs and coral reef rocks. If you are adventurous and daring enough, you can try heading down towards the shore. Be very careful though as the pockets of sand is quite loose due to rain and erosion. 

5th Stop: 港口吊橋 | Gangkou Suspension Bridge

We paid NTD10 ($0.50 SGD) to cross the suspension bridge which took us probably just 15 minutes (including some photo-takings). The scenery wasn't too great as compared to the rest as was a little foggy by the time we reached there. Who knows, it might be a good spot to watch sunset or sunrise from.

6th Stop: 貓鼻頭國家公園 | Maobitou in Kenting National Park

Named as "Mao Bi Tou", which also means cat's nose and head in mandarin, the giant piece of coral jutting out in the middle of the waters is meant to resemble a crouching cat (I still don't get how it looks like one). Here at Mao Bi Tou, you can expect magnificent ocean views, giant waves crashing against the coral seashore and golden-brown sand. It is also named as one of the best places to view sunset from. When we were there, the sun was almost setting, so we had to leave to catch the sunset at Guan Shan. 

7th Stop: 白沙灣 | Kenting Baisha Bay

The beach is filled with shell sand and beautifully coral reefs near the waters. Once again, I witnessed the different ombre shades of blue in the water. Absolutely love clear blue waters! Our tour told us that the weather in Kenting is either foggy and misty, or extremely clear, sunny and beautiful. When the weather is good, you can see different shades of colours in the waters (Dark blue, purple, ocean blue, light blue and sometimes green).

8th Stop: 關山夕照 | Sunset at Guan Shan

Our second last stop was at Guan Shan to view sunset. Guan Shan is known as the best place to view sunset. Our guide drove us directly to the top of Guan Shan and we were glad to be one of the first few to reach the top. After grabbing the best spots, we waited and waited. Finally, it started to set. However, due to the fog, we couldn't see it set further into the horizons. Nevertheless, still an achievement unlocked, viewing such a panoramic sunset away from the city and tall buildings.

9th Stop: 出火风景区 | Chuhuo (Eternal Flame)

Chu Huo (Eternal Flame) is a special corner whereby natural gas from below the ground/earth leaks to the surface of the ground and ignites. Not a geography student so till now, I am still puzzled and amazed by how this can actually happen, but quite an eye-opener. From far, we could already feel the heat from the flames. Though, I am really curious to know how come it will only ignite within that specifically cordoned off area, when the soil/ground that we are standing on is the same as the ones in the area. Does that mean that the spot that I am standing on could ignite too? (Just a food for thought; if any of you has any knowledge on this, feel free to enlighten me!)

And there it is, the end of my journey in Kenting. A short 2 nights spent traveling and sightseeing at the best places in Kenting. Would definitely love to re-visit Kenting again one day!

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