Friday, July 17, 2015

Travel Guide: Traveling with Wifi | Visondata

Recently I have been to Taiwan in May and I must say that travelling with wifi is a necessity for me. For security reasons, for staying connected reasons, and for updating of my social media platforms on the go.

Many years ago, I used to data-roam (foolishly) whenever I travel as I had no idea such a high technology pocket wifi device existed, and it cost me a bomb. Then, I tried to get those sim cards with pre-allocated data when I headed to United Kingdom in 2012 for my choir competition, but it turns out that we couldn't connect to any internet even though it showed that it has been connected. That feeling is just lousy and frustrating, and not being able to stay in contact with your loved ones, especially when you are far away from home.

Thankfully, this time round, I had a pocket-wifi device from Visondata and it proves to be even better than I had imagined, due to my unfavorable past experiences with data overseas. You would have seen my updating on instagram very often during my trip, be it on the high-speed rail train, zipping through mountains, out on the beach, or at the edge of cliffs. The speed is really quick and I get to share the connection with 2 other friends during the trip. The device can connect up to 7-8 electronics. There was once when we were shopping at a Taiwanese supermarket and we all three go on separate ways to shop for our food, but we were still able to receive the wifi connection when the device is with one of us.

Also, you can opt to rent for a power bank as well, so that it lasts you throughout the day. As for the battery usage, I charge the device every night and it can last perfectly well throughout the day even if the device is switched on always. (But just to be safe, I switched it off when I do not need it and also bring along my fully charged power bank too).

The pocket-wifi device is rather reasonably priced if you are sharing with a group of friends, and for most countries, there is unlimited data *throws confetti*! Meaning that you won't have to count and limit yourself to the number of photos or videos you want to send over the net. No restriction equals to happy travelling time. Thank you Visondata for allowing me to connect with the world as I travel :) 

Written in partnership with VisonData Singapore.

With love, Quans

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