Friday, July 10, 2015

[ADV] A step towards better skin: New Moon Inner Radiance Collagen Powder

Here's to introduce the new New Moon Inner Radiance Collagen Powder after using it for 2 weeks. Recently, I'm more into skin care products and collagen products, such as sunblock and sleeping masks that contains collagen content, and of course including the collagen powder I received. 

What it does is this: It nourishes and brightens skin for a supple and radiant complexion. Being formulated and manufactured in Japan, it contains high collagen content (5,460mg), low in calories with anti-aging properties aids to rejuvenate and enliven skin for a luminous complexion. 

Last year June, I was one of the bloggers who took part in a R&D organized by New Moon for this new product that they have launched this year. We went through a series of surveys and the flavor and packaging of the collagen power and drink is chosen by us! After which, we also went through a series of skin analysis to track the before and after results. After trying the collagen powder back then for a month, I went back for a second round of skin analysis and here are my results: 

My collagen fiber and moisture didn't increase significantly after the trial but my skin elasticity went up by almost 100% and my skin age decreased

After taking the collagen powder, my skin feels smoother and brighter. And because my skin can be quite dry at times, the collagen helps to hydrate my skin more than before. 

The packaging of the collagen powder comes in convenient sachets that are light and easy to bring around. I usually bring them to work, and pop them into my fruit juices after lunch each day. It is recommended for you to intake 1 sachet a day. It is best to have it with cold beverages such as fruit juice as the collagen powder contains high amounts of Vitamin C that will be destroyed at high temperatures >75˚C. 

Here are some of the benefits: 

BOOSTS collagen supply for supple skin
HYDRATES skin by holding in moisture
NOURISHES and improves skin condition from within
STIMULATES skin to produce collagen naturally
BRIGHTENS skin tone for a radiant complexion
REJUVENATES skin by enhancing growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestines. 

You can get a box of 15 sachets at $49.90 at any leading supermarket, pharmacies, and selected departmental stores. 

With Love, Quans

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