Friday, August 14, 2015

Exploring Little Red Dot: Gardens By The Bay (Cloud Forest)

If I could find a word to describe the trip down to the Cloud Forest, it would be, "Enchanted". Simply put, the moment the lady at the entrance zapped my ticket, I felt as though I was transported into the production sets of the Jurassic World and Tomorrowland. The first glance up at the seven storeys high waterfall was magnificent. Then it became awe. We took a lift up to the highest floor "inside" the waterfall and strolled down level by level, circling the waterfall on the conveyor belt look-alike trail. As I peer down from one of the sides of the trail, I see tiny people walking around and that is so therapeutic. I cannot stop exclaiming to my sister that it really feels as though I was planted in the Tomorrowland set, where I can imagine trains and planes flying above me.

The waterfall is made up of plants that survive in high tropical mountains. They would absorb the rainfall and then releasing them slowly to create a constant-long-lasting supply for the land beneath them and eventually supporting more plants.

My favourite level has got to be the basement secret garden. We were surrounded with mist, soft cricket sounds and the distant waterfall splatters. There were dew on every leaf and petal. It felt like an adventure. Only complaint was that it lasted to short. Nevertheless, it was money well-spent in there.

While on our way back to the train station, we were lucky to catch a glimpse of the beautiful boys up in the sky, forming the 50 formation and more. Once again, I'm proud to call this home.

Gardens by the Bay18 Marina Gardens Dr, 0189539am - 9pm daily
Nearest MRT: Bayfront

Love, Quans 

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