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[ADV] Goodbye straight hair, Hello Korean curls! | KENJO Korean Hair Salon

After being known as the girl with extremely naturally straight hair, I decided to go for a change 2 weeks ago at KENJO Salon and I'm extremely excited and happy to share with you the process and the results, together with a discount code for you to get your hair transformed and pampered as well! 

Straight hair isn't all that bad actually but for if you have straight and thin hair, you would understand my pain of having flat hair all-year-round no matter how I try to "puff" it up with all sorts of methods.  Fortunately for me, I had my tresses in the hands of experienced professionals that afternoon. After a discussion with Jayson, my senior stylist for the session, and Joseph, the director of KENJO Salon, we decided to give it some trimming followed by a MUCOTA Omega Oil Therapy Treatment, and lastly completing the look with their Signature Volume Setting S Perm curl

To be honest, I have never stepped into "branded" salons and have been entrusting my hair into random different neighborhood salons all my life. Well, am I glad to trust my hair to the professionals. The ambience and experience just feels greatly different. 

Would you just believe how straight my hair was! 

Now, let me bring you through my hair-makeover session: 

1. Trimming

2. Washing of hair

3. Tightening of hair close to the roots to give them a little more volume 
(using the "Live" products as shown below) 

4. Pre-treatment agent (CS+1)
Acts as a softener

5. Washing off treatment

6. Double-heat protector (CS+2)
Protects my hair from dryness

7. Curling and heating begins 

8. Post-Treatment (CS+3) 
Neutraliser (Fixer) to fix the curls and results

9. Washing and blowing dry

Here are the products used for the MUCOTA Omega Oil Therapy Treatment based on Japan's newest technology.

Photos taken from MUCOTA's Facebook page

The entire session took us around 4 hours and 30 minutes and I was really impressed by how patient and detailed Jayson is. Since my hair is exceptionally straight and limp, he made extra effort to care for my hair throughout the session, be it the trimming, washing, applying of treatment or the curling (which I thought was the most tedious as he had to curl, roll and bunch them up one by one). 

As a korean salon, KENJO Salon focuses a lot on quality hair and personal services, making sure that I was comfortable with the proposed hair services and treatments. Jayson was always checking if the heat was too strong, or if my hair feels too tight or heavy (because of the machines and rollers), and Fion, the Assistant of KENJO Salon was very hospitable and friendly, always offering to help me take photos of the session. I also noticed that once someone steps into the salon, they are swiftly ushered to an available seats, whereby drinks and magazines are served immediately (not to mention free WI-FI at the salon - especially useful for people who had to spend hours at the salon for their session). 

If you are looking to be pampered like a tai-tai on a weekday afternoon and do something to your hair, you would definitely love the ambience and outlook of the salon. Clean, bright, sleek and minimalist is how I would describe it. Definitely not the kind of cluttered, dim salons with locks of hair lying on the ground you see in some salons. My favourite part of the salon has got to be its "private dressing table" design, where you get to feel like a big-shot going through a makeover.

Finally, after a whole afternoon of hard work, Jayson's hard work paid off! I am extremely loving the Korean curls! Goodbye straight and limp hair, Hello Korean curls! To be honest, I was initially not very used to the curls during the first week, after all I've been stuck with straight hair for 22 years. But now, can I just say that the curls are looking more natural and feels softer! Definitely not encountering the frizzy-damage situation that some people might face after perming or straightening their hair, and I think credit goes to the quality MUCOTA Omega Oil Therapy Treatment. Absolutely feeling more volume in my hair now as compared to my limp hair that flies everywhere with the wind. 

Absolutely digging my curly-wurly hair now, all thanks to my Senior Stylist, Jayson (middle), Director, Joseph (Right) and Fion for your hospitality and for having me!

Now, you can have beautiful locks too because I'm going to share a discount code with you: 

Quote "QUAN MEI" for 15% OFF all hair services 
(non-promotional items) 

Kenjo Korean Hair Salon
68 Orchard Road, #04-72, Singapore (238839)
Plaza Singapore (New Wing)
Phone: 6238 8083
Facebook: KENJO Korean Hair Salon


Written in partnership with KENJO Korean Hair Salon.

Love, Quans

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