Wednesday, October 21, 2015

ASUS ZenFestival 2015 | ZenFone 2 Launch

Had the opportunity be at the ASUS ZenFestival 2015 Event at Chjmes on wednesday for the launch of its ZenFone series, which includes the ZenFone 2 LaserZenFone Go and the ZenFone Selfie (the one I'm eyeing for), together with many media friends and as well as Michelle Chong, the Celebrity Endorser. 

Happy to bump into some familiar faces at the event, and we definitely had to take some group photos at the photo booth. 

Many experiential zones were set up around the hall for us to have a full hands-on experience with the different phone models. We whisked through the different mini booths to understand more about the phone specifications and functionalities. What amazed me was this "arcade-game" booth where the ZenFone 2 was attached to the wheel and players could get their hands on the game itself. There was no lag time and the graphics were clear and high-definition. 

The next zone that I zoomed to immediately is the ZenFone Selfie's. Without me elaborating much, you would have heard of many complaints on how front-facing phone cameras (selfie mode) spoils the quality of the photos with the grainy and pixelated effects, especially in places without natural lighting. With the ZenFone Selfie phone's in-built Pixel Master functions in the camera, you can take all the instagram-worthy photos with the different modes in the camera itself. No need for filter, and you can truly use the hashtag #nofilter for real for once.

Just take a look at all our seflies, non-edited and true to color, but yet it makes all of us look so beautiful and glowy. We were truly amazed by the results and what's more interesting is that you can do many customizations after you have taken the photo, such as brightening of skin etc. However, the good thing about the selfie camera phone is that it doesn't make your photo look heavily edited as it still captures the real-life colours. 

Shortly after, Benson Lin, the Corporate Vice-President and Founder of ASUS, gave us a detailed introduction of the three models, ZenFone Laser, ZenFone Go and ZenFone Selfie

The ZenFone Laser includes a laser auto-focus function which allows you to capture ultra-fast shots to achieve perfect clarity in just 0.2 seconds. 

ZenFone Go, on the other hand, allows you to take videos with a more dynamic sound and reduced distortion, all thanks to its external amplifier. It also enables you to capture brighter images in a dark environment. 

Finally, the ZenFone Selfie, is excellent for macro photography, on subjects as close as 6cm, plus laser auto-focus shots. The camera also includes the beautification mode which I mentioned before, for instant photo editing at fingertips. Just a few taps and customization, and you can soften facial features, slim bloated cheeks and brighten your skin tone, in real time. I can already foresee this as the hot favourite among selfie lovers. *More on this in my upcoming review post*

And Michelle Chong appears at the event to share with us her experience with the ZenFone Selfie, and the story of Kelian, which was written, produced and acted by her. Watch it below:

What more could we do but to selfie, in order to find out the power of the phone? Chosen participants got to selfie with Michelle Chong on stage and the one who had the cutest pose gets to win. Without doubt, the only male participant won with his sudden-turn-to-michelle-with-kissing-lips pose. 

One last photo before the event ends

P.s Spotted Zenny, the ASUS mascot exiting to the back of the hall :p 

Thank you ASUS for the invite! Had a lovely evening interacting with the different phones as well as learning the different functions of each model.

Can't wait to have my hands on the ZenFone Seflie phone for review! I will be reviewing the selfie phone so check out my instagram / snapchat (quansss)  and this blog for the review coming your way soon!

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