Friday, October 16, 2015

Enjoying High-Tea at Home

Fantasy Custard Cream Puff from Isetan food Hall
$1.90 each

Azuki red bean cream Pancake from Isetan Food Hall
$1.90 each

 Caramel Mug-Cake Mix from Daiso

Cream and chocolate rolls from Provence
10 for $6.30

Chicken Pie from Seasons (Malaysia JB)

Guess the title of the post explains it all. Being cooped at home for two entire weeks due to Epi-lasik surgery, I had nothing to do but eat, sleep, listening to music and daze into thin air. Thankfully for the few eye check-ups that I had to go for, or I would be stuck at home. Managed to grab some food on my way back each time and these are some of my favorites! Especially to die-for ones are definitely the ones from Isetan food hall and Provence. They are officially my go-to-comfort-food. 

Love, Quans 

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jose lovincolors said...

Everything looks so yummy! those photos making me drooling for supper now..
how's your eyes recovery? i'm your new follower :)

xo joselovincolors