Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Digital Fashion Week 2015 - Runafter Cruise

It has been almost a month since my last update here. Attended Runafter Cruise Debut Showcase at Digital Fashion Week 2015 last month together with my sister, all thanks to Melissa for the tickets! I respect and look up to local, homegrown designers and entrepreneurs, because being one, I know how hard it is to be one, and be a really good one. Many might not see the beauty and hard work behind just one runway show. All the publicity, designs, manufacturing, set-up, models, music, needed to pull off a good 30 minutes show. 

The fashion scene in Singapore is definitely picking up. 5 years ago, when someone comments about Singapore's fashion scene, people would start shaking their heads and comparing us with more fashion-forward countries like Bangkok, or even western countries. 2 weeks ago, my friend interviewed me on my views towards Singapore's fashion scene, and hey that made me stop and think awhile. This is Singapore that we are talking about. Local pride in what we are grooming and developing slowly. 

Back to the runway, my favorites have got to be the white frills tube dress and the pastel floral midi romper. It was hard to shortlist since all the pieces are my cup of tea, pastels, white, black. What's there not to love! 

The whole concept of Runafter is strong and inspiring. Runafter; run after your dreams. To persistently seek to acquire or attain. It's always the 'running after' that makes the 'getting there' worth while. 

It's going to be a terribly packed December for me, with Sketch-a-Tote orders and church christmas celebration preparations, so do join me on Instagram for more updates. 

Till more next time! 

Love, Quans 

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