Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Perfecting Selfies for girls who don't Selfie- ASUS ZenFone Selfie Review

Attended ASUS Zen Festival 2015 awhile back in October for the launch of its ZenFone series and more specifically the ZenFone Selfie phone which I had the opportunity to try out for a period of time.

Many front-facing phone cameras spoil the quality of the photos by making them grainy, pixelated and even blur. So I tested out ZenFone Selfie phone's in-built Pixel Master functions and I'm quite amazed by the results. Can you believe that all the photos in this post aren't edited in any way or another? I simply take the photo and upload it here. 100% #nofilter #noediting. 

The selfie phone camera comes with a few built-in functions that allow you to create the most natural look without any editing. There are a few functions that you can play around with for you to enhance your eyes, smoothen your skin, add blush to your cheeks, v-shape face etc. The good thing about this is that it works the same way as Instagram filters. After tapping on each function, you get to choose how much of it you would like to apply (You get to choose up to 10 levels). 

So in order to put this to a test, to enhance the quality of my selfie photos without any post-editing, but yet still stay as authentic as possible (meaning that the photos still look like me), I selected skin smoothening and eyes brightening (both to level 2) and tada, these are the results. 

Well, I'm not exactly a selfie kind of person (you would hardly find any on my instagram), but for all you selfie lovers out there, you might like this, as it brings to you pretty, non-photoshop-heavily-edited photos, and still it makes you look beautiful, glowy, just the way you are! 

The selfie phone camera doesn't just work for selfies, it works well with food, scenery and other random things that you might want to snap on a daily basis! All the photos taken at the Digital Fashion Week -Runafter Cruise Show are taken with it too! For more information about the ASUS ZenFone Selfie Phone, do view their official website here or learn more about its specifications here

Written in collaboration with ASUS Singapore.

Love, Quans 

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