Thursday, February 25, 2016

Exploring Little Red Dot: Raffles Hotel Singapore

Whenever I pass by Raffles Hotel Singapore, memories never fails to resurface. Seven years ago, just after my O'Levels, I worked at Raffles Hotel on a part-time basis as a Wedding banquet waitress. At the young and innocent age, everything seemed fun and fearless so together with a few friends, we joined an agency and got the job after some training, in hope of earning some quick bucks with our first job. You know, that kind of feeling you had when you were younger, that you are finally old enough to start working (no kidding). 

Today, as I walk down the seemingly familiar corridors, I remembered rushing down the corridors every night with (really) heavy plates of fishes to serve to the wedding guests. I even remembered there was this time when we had to do a western lunch set-up and could you believe the horror on our faces as we tried to remember which cutleries go on which side. There was this one time when my friend accidentally spilt red wine over one of the guests, and at that age, how terrified we were to be in that situation. Those were the days.

As I chance upon Raffles Hotel Singapore after many years, I still adore this hotel. This almost-130-years-old hotel was built in 1887 and till today, many still marvel at how this colonial-luxury hotel keeps its charm. The white walls, corridors, marbled stairs and gold hanging-chandeliers are right on the point, exuding a luxurious breath of lifestyle into the atmosphere as soon as you step foot into the hotel. And the lush greenery seems to teleport us back to its colonial past where it used to be a beach house. 

Situated right in the middle of the busiest town,  drop by for some exploring (even if you aren't a hotel guest) as quite a fair bit is accessible to the public and embrace the quiet air of tranquility that I had experienced.

Raffles Singapore
1 Beach Road, Singapore (189673)
Nearest MRT Station: City Hall

Love, Quans

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