Sunday, April 10, 2016

Be your own kind of Beautiful - Personal Makeup Workshop with Love Blush

Happy International Siblings Day! Coincidentally, a day before, my sister and I attended a BFF Personal Makeup Workshop at Love Blush because lucky me entered their Instagram contest last month and won it. Lucky for us, we spent a terrific Saturday morning at the studio having fun, learning and experimenting makeup. 

Vera, the Makeup Director of Love Blush, shared with us many tips on how to perfect an effortless everyday look that is not too elaborate since both of us preferred the more natural yet glowy look. The ironic part is that we spent almost up to 2 hours to learn about this elaborate look *laughs*. 

The workshop started off with Vera going through our daily makeup routine, understanding the different products we use and the different steps we take on a regular basis. Then she moved on to show us recommended steps to take, and the products that she is personally using or personally recommend. 

And so it's hands on time! We were guided through each procedure from applying color correcting, to applying BB cream, to concealer, powder, and so on. Eyebrows trimming and drawing, eye makeup are done by Vera because I'm just so bad at eye makeup. Just to share with you how bad it is, I once turned my entire eyeball black when trying to use the eyeliner. Yes, that's right. I thought I was going blind back at that point. So from then on, no more eyeliner or eye makeup it is. 

And here's a little photoshoot that we took after the session at the rooftop of their studio, to not let the final results go to waste. Also, it is rather rare for us to have this kind of photoshoot as I'm usually behind the lens all the time. 


Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do! Thank you Love Blush and Vera for the session! We definitely enjoyed it and have learnt so many makeup tips!

Well, you don't have to be perfect to be beautiful. You just have to embrace your flaws, be comfortable in your own skin, and enhance the beauty of your own kind of Beautiful! When they say, happy girls are the most beautiful, you heard them right. I rather be ugly but really happy and joyful, than beautiful, but insecure, sad all the time. You get my drift. So love yourself for who you are and go be your own kind of Beautiful!

Love, Quans

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