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Travelogue: Hong Kong Diaries (Part 1) - Roaming The Heart of Hong Kong

Wanderlusting is real. Just when you think you had a good holiday rest, and all recharged and ready to start working hard, you are constantly reminded of your travels when you see your friends flying off to their holiday breaks. Well, that's exactly how traveling should be like. Traveling should always be a journey, not a destination. Alright, before I go in deeper into this, here's part 1 of my recent Hong Kong trip a month ago with my sister. 

Breakfast at Australian Dairy Co. 

Australia Dairy Co.
47 Parkes St, Jordan, Hong Kong 
Daily: 7.30am - 11pm
Nearest MTR: Jordan

We arrived Hong Kong early in the morning at 6am so we had way enough time to make our way to our hotel to deposit our luggages before heading out for a good breakfast to start off the day. Took the Airport Express MTR from the Airport and within 30-40 minutes, we reached Jordan, where we stayed, and walked a 4 minutes distance to our Hotel which is just round a corner from Jordan station.   Lucky for us hungry and tired souls, Australian Dairy Co. is within 6 minutes walking distance and since we were early, there weren't any queue (photo was taken after our breakfast).

Menu is in traditional chinese so make sure you do your homework to google for what's good and what to try (and write them out in chinese) before heading there since efficiency is of highest priority and you will be scorned at if you take your time to decide what to order. The second we took our seat, at a shared table, we were served with hot tea, and a eager waiter standing behind you with his notepad and pen in hand. 

Interestingly, we immediately sensed and recognized that the group of girls who shared table with us was from Singapore as well. For me, it is the conflicting balance of familiarity from meeting Singaporeans and being pulled out from the Hong Kong bubble. 

Strolling along old Hong Kong streets

One good reason (besides the food) for me to look forward to this Hong Kong trip is most likely the sights of old, rustic and run-down streets, houses and flashy old sign board that they are well-known for. Old is gold, I guess. 

Enroute to Hong Kong Avenue of Comic Stars

Hong Kong Avenue of Comic Stars
Kowloon Park Dr, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Nearest MTR: Jordan

On our way to Kowloon Park, we stumbled upon Hong Kong Avenue of Comic Stars, which is a short street which featured some of the popular comic characters and heroes that Hong Kong loves. Our favourite has got to be the Lao Fu Zi since Dad used to buy home boxes of Lao Fu Zi comics from second-hand bookstores for us.

Exploring Kowloon Park

Kowloon Park
22 Austin Rd, Jordan, Hong Kong
Nearest MTR: Between Joran and Tsim Sha Tsui

The best journeys are unplanned. And that best describes our exploration in Kowloon Park. If you want to have a morning walk after breakfast, while waiting for the malls or shops to open, head to Kowloon Park since it is just straight down Nathan Road.

The sight of tall trees, lush greeneries, pagoda pavilions, elderly doing their morning tai-chi workout, birds chirping at the aviary cages, smelling freshly bloomed flowers with pearls of morning dew, attracts me so much that I didn't want to leave the Park. Not to mention that the air was cold, fresh and cooling. It it one of those rare mornings that I experienced peace and tranquility, away from the hustle and bustle on the busy streets.

Church Visiting

St Andrew's Church
138 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Nearest MTR: Jordan 

Dim Sum for Dinner

一点心 One Dim Sum
Shop 1 and 2, G/F, Kenwood Mansion
15 Playing Field Road
Nearest MTR: Prince Edward

After a few hours of sleep back in our hotel room (because we were too tired from the night flight and couldn't sleep properly because of snoring aunties and crying babies on the plane), we went to 一点心 One Dim Sum for dinner! Was on our way to 女人街 (Ladies Street) and stumbled upon this nearby dim sum cafe. Too little variety, but not too bad I guess. Hong Kong food can't go wrong. Also, I came to a realization that Hong Kong's porridge is a totally whole new game. So smooth unlike the ones you find in Singapore. 

Night street view and 女人街 (Ladies Street) 

女人街 (Ladies Street)
Tung Choi Street
Nearest MTR: Mongkok

Ended our first day in Hong Kong just walking aimlessly around the streets, and exploring the 女人街 (Ladies Street) which has nothing to rave about. The narrow centre walking aisle was always blocked by people, while you quickly glance at repeated loots on your left and right, pressured to keep walking forward so as not to block the rest behind you.

Quite eventful adventures for a first day of the trip. More exciting stories to reveal as I pen down the rest of our journey in Hong Kong. And just in case you want some sneak peeks, head over to my Sky Passport to Hong Kong.

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Love, Quans

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