Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Breakfast at Common Man Coffee Roasters

A hearty breakfast at the well-heard-of cafe, Common Man Coffee Roasters, near Robertson Quay is a MUST, especially after a staycation at Studio M. The popular boutique hotel, famous for staycations, is just a few minutes' walk away from Robertson Quay and many cafes such as Book Cafe and also Common Man Coffee Roasters. 

It was only about 8.30am in the morning when we headed over to Common Man Coffee Roasters, but there were already many early birds enjoying their breakfasts and coffees. Queues get a little longer after 9am, but still worth the queue, just for the free coffee when you queue more than 20-25 minutes. What a great incentive to urge queuers! 

If you are feeling famished early in the morning, craving for a good plate of carbs and proteins, go for the Common Man Full Breakfast ($26) which includes a good mixture of breakfast favorites, such as organic eggs in any style (poached, sunny-side up, scrambled), bacon, sausage, tomato salsa, chorizo hash browns, mushrooms, pork, cannellini beans with pita bread. That sounds like a lot and it indeed is. On a side note, I requested for a change of toast, from the usual sourdough toast to pita bread, just because I have this mega dislike for extremely hard and tough toasts. 

For those who prefer a lighter breakfast but still indulging in the goodness of eggs and toasts, their Organic Eggs Benedict ($24) might be a fair choice for you. Again, what impressed me is their choice of organic eggs over normal eggs. Well, at least you can be sure that your health is still taken care of while you indulge. 

And there came our beverages, all nicely swirled and decorated. Some with heart shapes, some with leaf-like swirls like the one you see in the cup of Hot Chocolate ($6) above. All these cafes who provide Latte Art on drinks have pampered me so badly that it is almost a necessity for any cafes to have them, I think. 

You know how breakfasts or brunches always ends off with a dessert? When girlfriends get together, you do not think about the calories. Just eat and enjoy, my friend. Here's the Common Man Pancakes ($21) that came with caramelized bananas and walnuts, salted caramel sauce, nutty crumble and berry coulis on top of the two pieces of fluffy pancakes. Just the right serving size perfect for an individual serving or for sharing. 

Also, what's interesting about Common Man Coffee Roasters is that it isn't just any cafe along the street, but also a learning academy for coffee lovers. They offer classes for Latte Art, Barista Skills and Coffee Brewing too. 

22 Martin Road, #01-00, 239058
Mon-Sun: 7.30am-6pm

Love, Quans

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