Thursday, June 23, 2016

Free Flow Oysters, Seafood and Beef at the Annual Oyster Occasions Buffet [10 Highlights]

Pan Pacific Orchard's Annual Oyster Occasions Buffet at 10 at Claymore is back if you have not heard and for this year, it is available for daily Dinner Buffet from 1 June to 31 July 2016! Together with a few colleagues, we hopped over for a pre-mid-week pamper after hearing that it includes free flow oysters, seafood, steak and many other Penang specialties. 

You get to enjoy both Oyster Occasions and their signature Penang Fiesta specialties every Monday to Wednesday Dinner. The promotion for Mondays to Wednesdays is S$98 (excluding GST) for 2 persons, which amounts to an estimate of S$57. If you are heading down, remember to place your reservations in advance as I heard that they can be quite booked. 

Here are 10 highlights from the Oyster Occasions and Penang Fiesta Buffet that you can expect. 

1. Oysters

*inaudible screams* There are a total of 5 Oyster varieties to choose from; namely from Canada, France, Ireland, New Zealand and United States. 3 of my favourite would be US Pacific Oyster, Irish Premium Oyster and the Canadian Fanny Bay Pacific Oyster. The queues can get a little long as the chefs carefully prepare each Oyster on the spot, but all is worth the wait #justspam. 

2. Sashimi 

Right beside the Oyster counter lies the Sashimi counter where you can get freshly sliced air-flown sashimi (Salmon, Tuna, Squid). The thick slices are soft and so fresh that everyone just keeps grabbing them. 

3. Foie Gras

On top of the specialties counter, some signature items are available for order as well, such as Char Kway Teow and gourmet Foie Gras. I don't usually go for Foie Gras, but this combination of Duck Liver is just right for me. 

4. US Angus Beef

If the Oysters are the King of the night, the US Angus Beef has to be the Queen. You get to see the beef being grilled  and sliced 'live' for you at the center of the restaurant. One advice for you is not to grab too large portions at one go (no matter how tempting it is) as it would not be as tender once it turns cold.

5. Lobsters, Prawns, Clams 

You have to try their popular seafood on ice range which consists of the Boston LobstersQueen Roe Scallops and Prawns, because not only are they fresh and sweet, they are huge in portions too. 

6. Penang Laksa

Laksa lovers, you know where to go! This is another of the Penang Fiesta specialties that you must try. To be honest, this is my first taste at Penang Laksa and on the first taste, it tastes like a high end Mee Siam that is a tat more sour. Nevertheless, the soup is flavorful and that brings out the authenticity of Penang taste. 

7. Chendol 

Don't forget to order their Chendol too, which comes in medium-sized portions, perfect for sharing between a pair. The red beans and the vanilla ice-cream complemented well with the Chendol ingredients, leaving it not being too sweet or over the top. 

8. All things MEAT

If you still have stomach for meat, even after all the free flow Oysters, Seafood and Beef, lucky for you! Around the center of the restaurant, you can find different asian fusion meat dishes, ranging from Korean Fried Chicken, to Chinese Duck Stew and Sausages Stew

 9. Kueh Pie Tee and Bak Kut Teh

Also, help yourself to the Kueh Pie Tee counter and 'giap' as much of the filling as you desire! The Bak Kut Teh (not in photo) counter is right beside the Kueh Pie Tee's so remember to grab a bowl when you are there. 

 10. Desserts Table 

End off your buffet with a wide spread of sweet cakes, puffs and fruits from the desserts table, just because no matter how full you are, there will always be space for desserts, right? *smirks*. However, the cakes and puffs did not match up to our expectations, except for a few such as the fried Banana Fritters which was beyond perfection, Bread Butter Pudding and...drum rolls, the Chocolate Fondue! 

BONUS: Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate Fondues can never go wrong. Despite that, there are only marshmallows, grapes, biscuits and bread for you to dip into the fondue, so don't hold your expectations too high. Nevertheless, the richness of the chocolate is sufficient to cover up for the lack of variety. 

To make your visit more worthwhile, head over earlier, best between 6 to 7pm, where there is lesser crowd. Also, head over from Mondays to Wednesdays so that you can enjoy the best of both worlds; Oyster Occasion and Penang Fiesta Specialties! 

Enjoy the Oysters, Seafood and Beef! Let me know which is your favourite!

Double Happiness Dinner Special: 2 persons for S$98 (Mondays to Wednesdays)
Normal Dinner: 1 person for S$68 (Thursdays to Sundays) 

10 Claymore Road, Lobby Level
Pan Pacific Orchard, Singapore (229540)

Love, Quans 

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