Monday, June 27, 2016

Unboxing LEAGOO Shark 1 Android Lollipop Smart Phone

Excited to finally unveil my newest phone! For many of my friends, you would have known how bad I am with technology gadgets. Apparently, none of my phones can survive more than 1 year. It is indeed a miracle how my current phone, One Plus One, is surviving for a year and a half. Nevertheless, it is a blessing to receive Leagoo's Shark 1 Android Lollipop Smart Phone from Leagoo for a review. Here's just a quick walk through of me unboxing the (extraordinarily pretty) little black box.

As i continued unboxing the Leagoo's Shark 1 Android Lollipop Smart Phone, which came in a sleek and minimalist black compartmentalized box, I couldn't help but squeal every second. Who's a sucker for pretty packaging like me? Gone are the days when you unbox your new phone and find the phone manual, earpiece and charger all placed in one compartment. This is exactly how all phones should be packaged. Really loving how the chargers, earpiece and the phone manual are packaged in cute little boxes with mini icons neatly embossed in the centre. 

Just a quick look at it and I'm quite amazed by the features. First of all, it is large and thin, 6 inch full HD screen with 8.5mm ultra thin design, just how I like my phone to be. Went to do a little research and it is said to have the world's highest capacity battery (6300mAh), which promises 1 full day of usage with just 30 minutes of charging. Wow, sounds pretty impressive. I've got to try this out for myself! The next feature is more unbelievable, at least to me. This phone is able to charge other devices like power banks. As a heavy data user, battery is something that I require daily, as I run errands and check in on updates on the go. Definitely going to try this function out! 

The phone interface is just as sleek and chic as the phone looks. Can't wait to finally start using it! Follow closely as I share more about Leagoo Shark 1 Android Lollipop Smart Phone's features and functions in July! Meanwhile, read more about Leagoo Shark 1 here. Thank you Leagoo once again! 

Written in collaboration with Leagoo Singapore.

Love, Quans

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