Saturday, July 09, 2016

My Dream

Everyone has dreams, including me. 3 years ago, when I was 21, I documented a post on my dreams. As I edge closer to my 24th birthday this July, here’s another updated post on some of the dreams I hold close to my heart.

One of the reality that I’ve realised is that most Singaporeans are afraid to dream and pursue their passions due to the comfort zone that we call “norm”. There is nothing wrong or right in pursuing dreams or not, because afterall, everyone has different goals and calling in life. But the most important thing is to be sure of who you are, what you want, and how your decisions might affect your life and others.  Simply put, if your dream comes as a cost on others, it’s better to think twice. 

One of my childhood dreams is to own a laid back café-retail business; a hiding place for anyone who needs to unwind and recharge. At one corner, I will be serving freshly baked cakes and pastries (but I’ll first need to learn how to bake professionally) with Ice-cream (because ice-cream is life). At the other corner, it will be filled with Sketch-a-Tote and Sketch-a-Card products. At the back of the store, I would have an open-concept studio-office for me to work on crafts, online orders as well as my blog.

The store would be mainly in white and rustic brown, with cheerful yellow paintings on the ceiling. Hand-lettered bible verses will be hanging in aligned frames down the wall, with fairy lights and lamps hanging from the ceiling. Each morning, I would wake up to place fresh blooms in floral porcelain vases on every table. Sounds like a dream lifestyle, isn’t it! Well, still not giving up on this dream, so till that day comes, I will continue to work hard and experience each life phase with patience.

Another of my recent passion lies in travel writing, thus the birth of The Sky Passport. The greatest motivation for me to start The Sky Passport, is to capture the beauty and wonder of God’s creations, all around the world and universe. By capturing snapshots of the world you live in, you see and experience more of the world; feeling more contented with what you have back at home. Speaking of which, one of my short term dream is to travel to London for a British getaway

Especially when one graduates and begins working, it is very common for your life to be centered around work. But, isn’t your life more than just working? Work is indeed important, but your life is worth more. Hence, the tagline of The Sky Passport is ‘Out of Office’, a phrase all working individuals are familiar with. Oh, the joy of creating automated ‘Out of Office’ email replies.

#GoBearDreams Contest
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So what’s your dream? GoBear wants you to share your ambitions and dreams as part of their recent campaign. Share your dream and submit a 30 seconds video in the most creative and interesting concept here with your personal details. The best submission stands to win the grand prize of $10,000 cash funding by GoBear, for you to fulfil your dream!

Other than the grand prize of $10,000 cash, the most popular video of the week gets to win prizes such as a 90-min life-changing Float Experience at Palm Ave Float Club, which is great for anyone who needs to escape the stress of life, or even a free co-working space subscription under The Working Capitol

The contest runs from 29June to 29 July 2016 so go ahead to share and you might just be empowered to fulfill your dream! For more contest details, read here and click on the "Join Contest" button at the top left hand corner to participate!

Be brave and courageous to chase your dreams!

Love, Quans

Written in collaboration with GoBear Singapore. 

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