Monday, July 04, 2016

Tourist In Your Own City | with Leagoo Shark 1 Android Lollipop Smart Phone

Sometimes, we wanderlust and can't wait to travel overseas, forgetting that there are many more unexplored corners in Singapore. Born and raised in Singapore, I still find myself learning new things about this fast moving city. And so I wandered along the riverside with my new phone, Leagoo Shark 1, and captured a series of photographs. 

If you have not, read the previous post of me unboxing the Leagoo Shark 1 Android Lollipop smart phone first to read more about it! 

Since I'm quite a photography junkie, let me share with you some of the cool photography modes that Leagoo Shark 1 Android Lollipop smart phone has. Besides the basic mode, it also encompasses the following special modes: 

Multi Angle
Motion Track
PIP (Picture in Picture) mode 

Personally, I find the Multi Angle and Motion Track really interesting. Multi Angle mode allows you to capture things or objects that has a wide surface (usually from left to right), so all you need to do is to position your camera on the left angle of the object, press the 'shoot' button, and slowly shift to the center and to the right angle of the object. The ending result will be a photo that can be scrolled from the left to the right, allowing you to view the landscape or object in full wide view. 

Motion Track allows you to capture gif like photos where by you try your best not to move your camera, but instead, capture the movement of the object in your frame. All you need to do is to stand still and hold down the 'shoot' button for a few seconds, to capture the gif photo. 

Though the phone can be a little heavy and big for some people, it fits quite nicely with me as I prefer bigger screen phones. Besides the camera, which is a great upgrade from my previous phone, I like how most of the settings are customizable, with smart motion, smart wake and smart gesture options. Some of the security functions also include fingerprint sensor, visitor modes and mobile anti-theft.

Another thing is that the battery life is much more sustainable. For a 40%, it allows me to sustain through the whole day, with its Power-saving mode. And if you are a huge data-user like me, you can choose to use 2G, 3G or 4G on the go, to save battery and data when you need it.

For more information, you may read it up on Leagoo's Official Website. It is currently not tied up with any Telcos but if you would like, you can find them at some mobile or technology gadgets stores, even online platforms like Lazada and Qoo10.

Leagoo Shark 1 Android Lollipop Smart Phone
Retail Price: $399

Written in collaboration with Leagoo Singapore.

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