Saturday, July 16, 2016

Writing With Quans

Since April this year, I've joined this international project called #30daysofbiblelettering on Instagram, together with many other letterers and calligraphers from all over the world. You can see more of my works under the tag #writingwithquans too. 

What motivated me to take part in this international project is the belief that social media is a powerful tool and could be used in a much more meaningful way, to encourage, to share the word of God. You never know when the words and verses would speak to any of your friends and followers, at any point of time, when they just needed it. 

Social Media is powerful; Words are powerful, and thus, words on social media can greatly spur and lift someone in need up. 

This verse (Jeremiah 29:11) is by far my most favourite. It never fails to comfort, assure and give you hope in whatever you do. 

How do I know which verses to write everyday? You can follow @30daysoflettering on Instagram and at the beginning of each month, they will post a list of chosen verses to write for that month. 

If you are a letterer or calligrapher like us, I urge you to join this project too! Not only can you practice and be better at your God-given talent, you can be reminded of and also remind others of God's word's daily too! 

Something I would like to give thanks for is the ability to write and draw, and express my thoughts and feelings into visual art pieces that can be powerful mediums to lift and spur, encourage and remind people who needed these reminders. Join me on my #writingwithquans journey on Instagram and may you be reminded daily of His grace and love for you.

Here's sharing with you a YouTube playlist of Christian instrumental songs that I enjoy a lot, especially on days when I feel like reflecting, or just to recharge the mind and soul. 

Potter, mold me and use me daily, that I may not turn rusty and useless one day. 

Love, Quans

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