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Malacca Travel Diary Part 1 | What to do in Malacca for 3D2N

Last December, we embarked on a rare family road trip to Malacca. It was a short 3D2N trip but definitely a fulfilling and restful getaway, just in time to wrap up our year. Here a quick rundown of our trip highlights.

Our stay at Hotel Puri

To say that we love our stay at Hotel Puri Melaka would be an understatement. Considering that we only paid $55 per room for a night, the experience that we had was entirely unjustifiable. Comfortable enough to make you feel like home. Every corner in the hotel turns into a photo-taking spot for us. 

Different tiled floors along rows of shophouses

I couldn't help but stop outside every shophouse that carries a different-patterned tiled floor. 

Looking out for traditional buildings

Another thing I adore about this town is that many of the authentic features and building from the olden days can still be found. Take a walk along Jonker walk and you will see all these Chinese martial arts schools, Dialect clans and Peranakan shophouses littered everywhere. 

Cafe-hopping in Malacca

Cafe-hopping doesn't have to be about the food all the time. For me, the most important factor would be the ambience and the company. When these two are right, food becomes secondary. It was just a few days after Christmas when we were in Malacca, and the cafe's music playlist was filled with acoustic christmas soundtracks. Living in that moment, enjoying desserts and laughing over silly snapchat filters, can be really therapeutic. 

Exploring Jonker Walk

What is Jonker Walk without food? Check out the food article that i've posted on The Sky Passport on the 11 food you must try at least once when you are in Malacca. Out of all of them, my favorites have got to be the durian puff and the chicken rice balls. 

Visiting the iconic little red houses

Riding on the famous cartoon-trishaws

Personally, I find this "business" really fascinating as it reminds me of a university module that I took on culture, and seeing this with my eyes kind of gotten me thinking about the impacts and changes tourism globalization brings to culture. On a side note, these trishaws can look pretty scary at night, with at the blue neon lights. Definitely would be a trauma to me if I were a kid seeing my favourite cartoon characters blinking in neon blue and pink lights haha. 

St Paul's Church

We paid the historic church building in Malacca a visit too as it was the oldest church building in Malaysia and Southeast Asia (it was originally built in 1521). Through this trip, I've also seen the spontaneity of traveling. Sometimes, all it takes is a little step out of our comfort zone to come in contact with other travelers too. My brother was striking a dance pose for a photo, and a cheeky traveler spontaneously photobombed and joined him in the pose and photo taking. Pretty amazing huh?

Trying to re-enact a Tomb-Raider scene 

Perfect example of Expectations VS Reality. The ideal image i conceptualized in my mind was kind of like one of the "Tomb-Raider at Angkor Wat" scene. In the end, they just looked like a series of ballet-moves-gone-wrong photos which made this trip even more memorable than ever though. Oh well, at least we have something to laugh about when we look back at these photos #likewhatwerewethinking.

Setting a trend at the train tracks

We spontaneously did this at the tracks and got out mum to snap this photo for us and successfully gathered a group of tourists around us to watch us do it. After which, they proceeded to do the same actions #laughs.

Visiting Concept Cafe Stores

You would have probably heard of their famous pandan and gula melaka pancakes, but nope, that's not why we were there for. Alright, to be honest, we did want to give them a try but the queue and waiting time is way too long. Nevertheless, this hipster cafe has a second level that showcases seasonal exhibitions and events. When we were there in December, it was a nature and greenery exhibition. The entire space and vibe just screams out to the artistic nature in us three. 

And that concludes part 1 of my Malacca Travel diary. More exciting places to share in Part 2 of this travel diary. Stay tuned! 

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Malacca is my favorite old town along with George Town in Malaysia. I can easily find out some lovely coffee and bakery shops and enjoy them. Thanks so much for your sharing and keep up with your good work!