Born and raised in little red dot, sunny Singapore, Quan Mei, in the midst of her studies in National University of Singapore where she majored in Communications and New Media, founded Sketch-a-Tote in 2012 and eventually Sketch-a-Card in 2014. Since then, she has been juggling with the role of Creative Director as well as the one-man behind both brands.  

Having grown up as a musical and artistic individual, the bulk of our childhood and teenage years were immersed into choral singing, piano-playing and just very recently, choral conducting. Quan Mei's musical training and skills have honed her to be an artistic individual filled with creativity and eye for details, developing some of her passion - Photography, drawing, styling and writing. 

She hasn't had the luxury to enjoy yearly holiday trips since young, hence as she grew older, she takes joy in travelling, exploring new places while she can, broadening her perception of life and builds her up as a stronger individual after each journey.  

Always caught in the midst of capturing life moments with her trusty camera, Quan Mei believes that a great photo not only speaks a thousand words and expresses the soul, but also locks down precious memories for future-viewing and revisits. With such, this blog is filled with curated quality visuals. 

Thank you for coming by and getting to know more about me. 
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